Monday, 22 April 2019

Easy Peanut butter cookie recipe

This week I have been working on a small and have been do I a few other things

Peanut butter cookies
Peanut butter cookies are really easy to make and are healthier most other cookies

1 cup of peanut butter 
1 egg
1/4 cup of sugar

1. First you put the peanut butter in a mixing bowl 
2. second you crack the egg and put ot in the bowl.
3. Then you put the sugar in the bowl and mix
4. Next you scoop what's in the bowl onto the cookie sheet and press down on it with a fork
5. Finally bake the cookies in the oven for 8-10 min

Friday, 12 April 2019

Pizza anyone?

Today I return with renewed interest in cooking food with and without carbs.

today I was cooking pizza, but I learned a delicious recipe for pizza, but the crust is carbohydrate and gluten free. Also I couldn't put all my creativity in on pizza, I then created another pizza with stuffed crust (this one was not low carbohydrate or gluten free) and some what spicy. Then I set out with my friends to make the spiciest pizza, because the other pizza wasn't spicy enough.

The carbohydrate and gluten free pizza.

Today I found a tasty pizza recipe that blew me away, because most alternatives usually taste nowhere as good as the real thing, but this one did and here is the recipe
-1 head of cauliflower
-3/4 cups of mozzarella
-1/2 a tea spoon of oregano
-1/2 a tea spoon of kosher salt
-1/4 tea spoon of garlic powder
-2 egg lightly beaten

1. preheat oven to 400 F and cover pan with parchment paper
2. cut the cauliflower into tiny bits
3. steam cauliflower to soften then let cool and dry out
4. mix cauliflower, cheese, spices and eggs
5. spread mixture on pan and shape to a circle (or square)
6. cook crust for 20 minutes
7. add toppings
8. cook pizza for another 10 minutes
9. let cool slightly then cut and serve

 This is one of my spicier pizzas with an amazing stuffed crust filled with cheese and spicy salami

-pizza dough
-pizza sauce
-habanero cheese
-hot spianata salami

1.spread the pizza dough onto your pizza stone (or cookie sheet)
2.spread the pizza sauce onto you dough
3.put the habanero cheese on top of the pizza
4.put the hot spianata salami on top
5. cook for 15 min at 400F or until golden
6. take it out of the stove with oven mitts on and eat.

The extremely hot pizza
-pizza dough
-pizza sauce
-habanero cheese
-hot Mexican salami
-hot sauce (franks red, and sriracha sauce)
-chili flakes
-milk is recommend
-repeat what I did with the last pizza but after you put the cheese on you put on hot sauce and Mexican salami instead of the spianata salami.
-after you take out the pizza sprinkle on some chili flakes

me and my friends eating the extremely hot pizza

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sorry for not posting this week. I was on the biggest adventure so far, so I'm gonna say what happened this week.
On Monday: my friends challenged me to who could get the most people to come to their science project.  There are two teams, two people on each team.
On Tuesday: the suspense kicks in, but I'm still confident about the challenge.
On Wednesday: it's game time, I got 80 people to come to my project, my partner got 92 people to come, that's 3 from the max amount of 95 potential visitors.
On Thursday: I found out the other team had an big advantage, they had more classes to come to their classroom. 
And Friday was a P.A day. I should show you my project now, but I can't so you have to wait.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

I Lost a Challenge

Todays school day wasn't an average day.  Today at recess I lost a challenge, twice. The challenge was who ever drew the best picture won and who ever lost had to eat paper.
First round: who can draw the best clock.  I did the best and I drew a cuckoo clock. 

Second round: (this is where stuff started to go wrong) who could draw the best sun, I lost.
Third round: who could draw the best glasses, I lost again!
Do not try this at home or school.  That is what I'm for, I test stuff and I say if its a good idea and it isn't so DON'T EAT PAPER!  (I threw away the paper behind their back, don't tell anyone)

After that we had math and I had really hard homework where I had to measure the area of Bobs attic.  Would you like to try?    See if you get the same answer as me.

I got 150m squared.

That is all for this post.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Half my Day in School

For the 2nd time this year I went to school because yesterday was a snow day. Wait, that reminds me
to say something. To all parents, when your children are leaving for school after you say good luck and every other quote you've said, say don't let your unique genius get trampled by the teachers.

Today I finally finished my music test. Does any one know what hand you use for a bass clef on a piano? Because I'm all about that bass, no treble.

This will be a very small post because I spent half of my day in school.  Yay!  I'm so lucky.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Welcome back to my blog today, I went tobogganing in my backyard.

This is the tobogganing hill (the toboggan didn't go far).  Note to
 self, make a bigger hill.
This is my totally extraordinary backyard.
This is the heart I made to represent how much I like blogging.

I also went tobogganing at a public hill
I didn't get any pictures ):
I kind of perfected the fried egg, but I forgot to put oil on the pan before cooking it. Other than that the egg was tasty.

And I finally finished my science essay.

Stay tuned for the picture of my science model/essay.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Welcome to the adventures of the Misunderstood Genius

Welcome to my first blog posting.  I want to share my very interesting ideas and adventures of my daily life and attempts at making my ideas come to life!

Spoiler alert....I might be making candy!

Current ideas that are under development are:
- making a solar powered stove
- underground fed water fall
- create a unique egg recipe

Current adventures may include:
- finishing my science project on the Digestive system (anybody got an interesting facts about the human liver?)
- completing my brown belt in karate

Recent accomplishments:
- first goal in hockey
- learned how to cook a fried egg

This will be a great learning opportunity and I hope that you enjoy the ride with me!