Sunday, 15 January 2017

I Lost a Challenge

Todays school day wasn't an average day.  Today at recess I lost a challenge, twice. The challenge was who ever drew the best picture won and who ever lost had to eat paper.
First round: who can draw the best clock.  I did the best and I drew a cuckoo clock. 

Second round: (this is where stuff started to go wrong) who could draw the best sun, I lost.
Third round: who could draw the best glasses, I lost again!
Do not try this at home or school.  That is what I'm for, I test stuff and I say if its a good idea and it isn't so DON'T EAT PAPER!  (I threw away the paper behind their back, don't tell anyone)

After that we had math and I had really hard homework where I had to measure the area of Bobs attic.  Would you like to try?    See if you get the same answer as me.

I got 150m squared.

That is all for this post.


  1. Good idea not too loose and eating paper is not fun. My math skills have evaded me after many years of not using them so can't help you there with Bob's attic.

  2. There are some rumblings that the area is incorrect? May have to revisit !